Macadamia Nut Oil, Gumby Gumby, and Kakadu Plum

Special Ingredients Series I

 Image Courtesy of  Tony Tropiano

Image Courtesy of Tony Tropiano

In celebration of our lovely Australian brands, here is a deeper look into some unique ingredients they use, sourced from plants that are endemic to the land down under.

Macadamia nut oil: (Macadamia integrifolia or Macadamia ternifolia). Like many other nuts, we are discovering the topical benefits of the oil expressed from the nut of the Macedamia tree. This tree, indigenous to parts of the East Coast of Australia, bears small round nuts which are edible and loaded with vitamins and nutrients. Of these, Omega 7 is particularly of note as it is present in children's sebaceous glands and yet diminishes as we get older. Including this in your skin routine can reduce signs of aging. As well as this, the oil has good absorbency and will keep skin hydrated. (Those with nut allergies should caution any product with macadamia oil in it). Products that you will find on ATURA harnessing the benefits of macedamia nut oil include:

Gumby gumby (or gumbi gumbi): (Pittosporum phylliraeoides). This plant has been hailed as having exceptional qualities. Reports of it’s topical use claim anti-tumour and anti-viral properties. It was used as a medicinal plant by the indigenous people of north east Australia. It has hydrating and soothing effects and has been shown to purify the skin. 
The plant is quite uncommon and there aren’t many brands who have accessed the gumbi gumbi yet. However, you will find gumbi gumbi in: 

Kakadu plum: (Terminalia ferdinandiana). The fruit of the Kakadu plum, a native Australian tree found in the tropical north, has the highest known concentration of vitamin C of all fruit. Again, it was bush tucker for the aboriginal people who inhabited the area and recognised it for its anti-inflammatory and anti-infection properties. Its inclusion in skincare products will aid the skin’s ability to heal itself, promoting collagen production and reducing fine lines.
Through ATURA, you can find Kakadu plum in: