ATURA was born from the desire of one Australian expat, having relocated to the middle of England, wanting to keep a little sense of home. Being used to certain natural ingredients in skin care products that aren't easy to find in the UK, it was important to her to be able to access these. Not only because they would treat her skin well, but because they were kind to the environment.

Also a lover of independent, small businesses, a core value of ATURA is celebrating those who are perhaps not so known to the masses. These companies have been selected due to their passion and compassion. Their heart and soul goes into every batch and each hold strong principles in protecting the natural world. This can be seen in the ingredients they choose to use (you can discover more here) and their company's ethos. 

Continuing to research companies that utilise the offerings of the natural environment in a sustainable manner has opened up fresh new discoveries. The intention of ATURA is to explore more of the world that share the same values. Indeed, the geographical location of each brand has a massive influence on the resulting product. As such, it enhances the experience with the product and creates ever more individuality. ATURA aims to exhibit not only brands and products, but also the astounding places from which they came.

ATURA's store will be open soon. You too can enjoy premium products with a love for all things natural. To be the first to know when the store and these exclusive products will be available for purchase, sign up to our newsletter. 

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