A Few Words With: Black Chicken Remedies.

Black Chicken Remedies have become a staple amongst natural skincare lovers in Australia and are beginning to receive some well deserved attention over here too. Their natural deodorant is touted as one of the best. Many have tried different types of natural options in despair and have been grateful to find Black Chicken Remedies’ winning formula. Their complexion polish has just won a coveted Beauty Shortlist Award for ‘Best Exfoliating Product’ and the brand itself won for ‘Best Skincare Brand Australia’. So you know they’re good.

Black Chicken Remedies Range

Black Chicken Remedies have a pretty strong ethos too. They believe that products should be 100% natural and contain certified organic ingredients. Honour of our bodies and the environment is part of their philosophy. If you want to know more, visit their website here.

ATURA spoke to Chey, Founder of Black Chicken Remedies for some further info and tips:

  • Q: What product has made the biggest difference to customers skin? 
    A: Our Award winning Complexion Polish has proven to be a life changer for customers who have bought it. The finely milled natural ingredients remove dead cells and allow your moisturiser/serum to penetrate deeply. When used with Cleanse My Face its is a game changer.
  • Q: What is your number one tip for Black Chicken Remedies customers? 
    A: When using our Cleanse My Face oil cleanser take time, warm your face with a cloth, massage it in, really massage, enjoy the aroma and then wash off or leave it on while you wash your hair or clean your teeth so it is absorbed deeper and then remove.
  • Q: What ingredient do you find the most exciting in the Black Chicken Remedies range? 
    A: Organic Sesame Seed oil in our Cleanse My Face oil is antibacterial, anti fungal and anti- inflammatory. It helps pull toxins from your pores.
  • Q: Why are essential oils such an important part of Black Chicken Remedies formulas? 
    A: Essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts with ancient therapeutic benefits. All of our products harness this wisdom from mother nature to produce our remedial skincare brand.
  • Q: Can you find any synthetic ingredients in Black Chicken Remedies products? 
    A: None at all. All of our products are 100% natural.

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