A Few Words With: Rohr Remedy

Rohr Remedy’s founder, Emily Rohr discovered the natural healing properties of Australian bush medicine whilst she was working with the Yulpartija old people in Broome, Western Australia. These elders always practiced traditional bush medicine and eventually taught her about the extraordinary native plants and their medicinal benefits. Combining this special knowledge with her love for chemistry, Emily was able to harness the true benefits of these unique Australian botanicals. And so Rohr Remedy skincare was born. ATURA asked the team at Rohr Remedy about their product range.

Rohr Remedy Range

Q. What product could you not live without? 
A. Kakadu Plum Serum. It's the ultimate anti ageing combination as well as very healing so if I have a rash, sunburn or bite I always apply it and everything seems to get better a lot faster!

Q. What is your number one tip for Rohr Remedy customers? 
A. Only use small amounts! It is highly concentrated and packed full of nutrients so you don't need huge amounts when applying.

Q. What ingredient do you find most exciting in the Rohr Remedy collection? 
A. Kakadu Plum. It contains the highest source of vitamin c in the world and is packed full of antioxidants and antibacterials.

Q. What is important to you about the relationship with Indigenous Australians?
A. Sourcing ingredients through independent indigenous companies who are wild harvesting, and overseeing ground breaking farming techniques was integral to Emily in the development of Rohr Remedy. She continues to be passionate about working with the countrymen, in order to ensure best practice and sustainability of the Rohr Remedy ingredients.

Q. What’s next for Rohr Remedy?
A. With products, such as the Gumbi Gumbi lip balm and the Kakadu Plum serum it is forming a strong following in the USA, with retailers growing by the day. Having just released candles and a probiotic range in the pipeline it is only the beginning for Emily and the Rohr Remedy journey.