A Few Words With: Willow Tree Skincare

Willow Tree Skincare is a small batch brand that hand makes all of their range to order. They are very in tune with their surroundings; harnessing the benefits from the local and sustainable plant species of the beautiful Margaret River region.

ATURA spoke to Ali from Willow Tree Skincare for some further info and tips:

Willow Tree Skincare
  • Q: What product has made the biggest difference to customer’s skin?
    A: I would have to say the Organic Skin Rejuvenation Serum. This anti ageing serum is a combination of super oils that benefit skin of all ages, including the most sensitive and damaged skin.
  • Q: What is your number one tip for Willow Tree Skincare customers?
    A: A great tip for our Organic Hydrate Mask is to mix it with the Skin Rejuvenation Serum, instead of water. This will add an extra protective layer of moisture to the skin and leave it visibly firmer and more hydrated for longer.
  • Q: What ingredient do you find most exciting in the Willow Tree Skincare collection?
    A: This is tricky one as nature provides such a potent array of botanicals and extracts that benefit the skin. The Organic Body Butter contains White Willow Bark Extract from the Willow Tree, which we draw our name from. Willow Bark Extract contains natural beta hydroxy acids, including salicylic acid. Salicylic acid helps to gently shed dead skin and unclog pores, leading to clearer, brighter skin. It can also help to stimulate new cell formation.
  • Q: How important is the Margaret River Region to you and your brand?
    A: Many of our botanicals and infused oils are derived locally from our own gardens here in Margaret River. From the richness of the rural soils that grow these plants to the pureness of the coastal rainwater. Each product contains a little of this precious place.
  • Q: What do you consider is the main benefit of making each item hand crafted from scratch?
    A: This is everything. The love and attention that goes into every batch, of every product, ensures you get the best quality product possible.
    By making our products from scratch to order, you also rule out the need for additional nasty preservatives. When you buy our product you know it has been made recently and the ingredients are fresh and ready to nourish your skin in their purest form.

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