Eco-Tips: Plastic Free Bathroom

Plastic, plastic everywhere… We have become a plastic society. The convenience, applicability and cheapness has made us virtually dependent on the stuff. But in turn, it has become one of the biggest threats to the environment of our planet. Reasons?

plastic ocean
  • Plastic is primarily made using non-renewable resources. Mining for fossil fuels, pumping out toxic gases and contributing to climate change are all in the make up of your shopping bag.
  • It doesn’t decompose. It will only ever break down into smaller and smaller pieces. Discounting incineration (which has it’s own impact), every piece of plastic that has ever been made, is still in existence. 
  • Once used to the point it is deemed that it can not be used any more (often after just one instance), plastic goes to landfill. It goes to get buried somewhere out of sight, out of mind. But it is there, waiting to outlive you.
  • Plastic doesn’t always make it to it’s dump yard grave. In fact it very very regularly finds it’s way into gutters which flow into drains which flow into streams which flow into the ocean.
  • Plastic loves to just hang about in the ocean forever. Just floating about, looking like fish food. If it’s big enough, the plastic will straight up suffocate an innocent marine creature. If it’s small enough- and they can be micro-sized- the plastic fish food ends up in fish bellies. Then we eat them. Yum.

So, let’s get over the pessimism. We want to help you change your plastic dependence in the bathroom. Even if you can’t be 100% plastic free, consider making some changes. Here’s what you can do!

soap bars
  • Use soap bars instead of shower gel or liquid hand soap. Some people find them ‘icky’, but soap bars are literally the cleanest thing you will find in the bathroom. There are so many gorgeous soap companies. They are often super affordable. You can get a little bamboo tray to place them on if you don’t like them slipping about your sink. 
  • Get into the wooden toothbrush hype. Usually bamboo, the most sustainable of the woods, these toothbrushes do everything a normal toothbrush does (surprising, I know), but they aren’t destroying the earth in order to polish your pearly whites. Some are charcoal infused. Some you can plant in your back yard once you’re done. They’re just great.
  • Ban the microbead! These are tiny bits of unnecessary plastic in your toothpaste or face wash. They end up down the drain. (Or in your tummy if you're a toothpaste swallower!) Look out for them by selecting only natural exfoliants like jojoba beads or ground coffee. ATURA products will never contain microbeads.
  • Glass bottles over plastic bottles. Some plastics are recyclable, so make sure you know which empty bottles of shampoo/ cleanser/ bubble bath/ whatever are able to have another life and go in the correct bin. When given the option in the store, choose the glass bottle. A dark glass stores skincare beautifully. And is much more easily recycled than plastic. ATURA will be stocking many glass bottle options!
  • If you used it, don't flush it. Perhaps you are still detoxing your bathroom of plastic. Just remember- it goes in the bin, not down the drain.

There is oh so much more you can do in the bathroom to end your plastic love affair! These are a good start, and there will be more tips to come. Keep an ear out, or sign up to the newsletter to make sure you get the next instalment. 

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