Eco-Tips: 6 R’s to a Waste Free Life

Do you get that Jack Johnson song in your head whenever you think about the 3 R’s? Now there are 6, he’s going to have to come up with another catchy tune.

To shed some light on one of ATURA’s criteria and draw attention to the important issue of minimising waste, this Eco-Tips post is all about the new and improved 3 R’s… Also known as The 6 R’s!

To keep things simple, not unlike the song, we have come up with an example of a way in which to practice each ‘R’. Again, this is bathroom centric so that users of ATURA products find it relevant. But they are good practice for everyone.

Refuse: This one relates to you deciding on whether to bring a particular item into the bathroom at all. Refuse items that aren’t ethically sound. For example, refuse plastic toothbrushes. You can get a wooden one that does the exact same job and is fully biodegradable.

Rethink: This is about how you live your life. Welcome to the natural and organic beauty path! Rethinking your skincare routine to one that incorporates brands trying to harmonise with the environment is a good first step! These products create less waste on their way to you, and have minimal impact when you've used them up.

Reduce: Are you the kind of person who needs to purchase a new make-up product every week? If so, are they all completely used up before they are thrown out/ reach their expiry. AKA… Are you a hoarder? Maybe take some steps to slow down your consumption. Buy in bigger sizes and purchase a new item every fortnight rather than every week. Or once a month maybe?

Reuse: Could the product have another use?! My (wooden) toothbrushes make great plughole cleaners (double ‘R’!). Perhaps a lovely glass jar that once held your body scrub could make for a sponge holder or you could fill with your own DIY skincare.

Repair: Before you throw out anything that has suddenly broken, you should consider how easy/ hard it is to repair. A good one is your make-up brushes. It is easy to get to the point where they are claggy with foundation and no longer do the job, so you throw them out in disgust. Make-up brushes are easy to clean. Do that instead.

Recycle: If you are opting for paper or glass based products, you can’t go wrong. These are super recyclable. Go for toilet rolls packaged in paper rather than plastic. 

Struggling to adapt the 6 R’s to your bathroom? Comment below with the wasteful item you can’t give up- we might be able to help you with a solution!