Jess' Summer Skincare Routine

Jess in front of the mirror

The Summer Series I

I thought I’d get personal and share my Summer skincare face routine!

I don’t have the best skin, I am aware. I have always been exceptionally envious of people with naturally blemish-free, flawless skin (haven’t we all?!). I had a pimply puberty spent longingly gazing upon two of my best friends' blemish free, porcelain faces that you just wanted to touch to see if they were real!

Even in my adult years, I get a few spots. I strongly believe it is almost entirely hormone related as I can tell the time of the month when an outbreak is going to occur, and where they pop (no pun intended!) up on my face is in areas that are linked to hormone fluctuations. I subconsciously touch my face quite often which does not help matters either!

However, as I turned from using harsh acne treatments as a teen (yes, I tried those ones that are basically alcohol disguised as a pimple cure! Gross!) to natural products as an adult, I realised that my skin didn't need to be stripped, it needed to be nourished! Now, I feel that I have been able to maintain a healthy glow and my skin retains more elasticity and moisture than it ever used to. 

We’re all different, so choose a routine that suits you, but I thought I would let you in on my current regimen, using products from the ATURA store of course! Here I am paying attention to the face. I will do a body one soon too.

Morning Routine


First Cleanse: Byron Bay Cream Cleanser. This really makes my skin feel like all the dirt and grime has been removed. I use my Greenfibres muslin cloth to gently wash off.

Second Cleanse: Black Chicken Remedies Cleanse My Face Oil. I spread a small amount all over my face with my fingertips. The smell of this is absolutely divine! I love just breathing it in as I massage the oil around my nose and eyes. This is wiped off with the already warm and damp muslin cloth.

Serum: Black Chicken Remedies Love Your Face Serum. Again, whilst breathing in the potent botanical make up of this serum, I massage a small amount with fingertips into all parts of my face. I leave this one on to settle and absorb into the skin. It makes for a great primer. Oil based serums and balms have always worked better for me as a primer than an actual primer does. 

Eyes: Willow Tree Skincare Restorative Eye Gel. I apply this whenever I feel like I need a bit of an eye boost. After a bit too long in front of the screen, a little roll will help to make my eyes feel more hydrated.

Moisturiser: Rohr Remedy Lilly Lilly and Omega 3 Face Moisturiser. This is a light moisturiser, perfect for a summers day. I tend to mix a natural foundation and a suncream into the moisturiser on my hand first before applying evenly to the face. I find that the foundation goes on smoother, and I want a bit of sun protection also. 

Evening Routine


First cleanse and second cleanse as above. (Sometimes I’m lazy and will just do one or the other…)

Mask: I don’t do a mask every day, but the Byron Bay Skincare Exfoliant and Mask has a lovely summery scent. The dual action of scrub- rubbing off more of the days dirt- and mask- helping to draw impurities from the skin- really makes for a deeper cleanse.

Serum: I have been using the Byron Bay Skincare Vitamin C+ Serum but I’ve just run out so I have started the Rohr Remedy Vitamin C Face Serum. It is a good idea to give your skin a boost of vitamin C to encourage collagen production and help shield skin from the impacts of pollution. (Side note- I asked a dermatology student once what her number one skin recommendation would be and she said to make sure you have something in your routine with a high dose of vitamin C!)

Toner: I am not very consistent in using a toner, but I know that they are an important addition to the skincare routine. I currently DIY though. A little apple cider vinegar diluted with filtered water and lightly sprayed onto the skin actually works really well!

Moisturiser: Willow Tree Skincare Hyaluronic Night Cream. Focussing around my eyes, Cupids bow and neck, then spreading out lightly over forehead and the rest of my face.

Once a week:

On Thursdays: Eco by Sonya Face Tan Water. I save this for Thursdays as it means that I have a bit of an extra glow going into the weekend. It evens out my skin tone and reduces the appearance of blemishes. It also enhances my makeup that I tend to only apply on weekends (working from home doesn't warrant much of a made up look!). I apply this after a cleanser, but I don’t put anything on after it. You can certainly put a moisturiser on, I just prefer not to as oil based moisturisers can cause some streaking. I leave it on for 8 hours and wipe it off gently with just some warm water on the muslin cloth in the morning.

So that is my current routine! It looks like a big hoo-ha but I don’t feel like it takes up that much time or energy. I have always been one for minimal fuss and I believe this routine benefits from all the best elements of skincare without going overboard on products. I would switch up a lot of these products when the weather starts to turn and your skin has different needs.

If you think this is still too much, I would recommend simply using one cleanser, a serum and an all day moisturiser of your choice.

Is there anything in your routine you can't live without? Leave a comment below!

Lots of love,