Mindful Christmas Gifting


Gift giving is possibly the best part about Christmas. It has always been so for me anyway. Trying to think of the perfect gift for your loved one, seeing their face light up as they unwrap the one thing they hadn’t been expecting… It’s part of what makes the whole day special! 

These days, it is almost considered natural to show our love through quantity of gifts rather than quality. Are we really looking for that unique gift for a special friend, or are we being managed by some clever, opportunistic marketing? As it is a time for giving, it is important that we don’t forget how much is taken from the planet through our excessive consumerism.

With that in mind, here are some tips on how we can practice ethical shopping, and some helpful Christmas ideas.

Christmas gift
  • Practice restraint: Whilst an ethical shopper’s top guideline is to just say "No"- this is a time of the year where it is considered socially unacceptable. Besides they make it almost impossible psychologically! To combat the ads, merchandising and other marketing trickery, make a list. Check it twice. Stick to it. Avoid eye contact with any celeb trying to sell you perfume through the tv. 

Christmas idea: DIY skincare package. Find a recipe for a face mask or body scrub, like this one from Live Simply's blog. Put the dry ingredients into a jar. Print off a personalised label with any additional instructions for wet ingredients and how to use. Decorate the jar to your liking. The thoughtfulness of this gift will go a long way and you have avoided the marketing ploys. Ingredients for these recipes can generally be found at your local grocers- put them on your list just above brussel sprouts.

  • Buy from brands with a conscience. These companies might not be seen on the High Street, but that makes them even more special. The internet provides easy ways to access these brands with a simple ‘ethical’ search, and apps like Balu compare products so you know how much better your purchases are for people and the planet. If you enjoy visiting shops- seek out the independents. You’ll be supporting your local community and they often have a better track record for minimising impact on the environment. 

Christmas idea: Buy ethically. There are a growing number of principled skincare brands entering the market. ATURA will soon lead the way in promoting these conscientious producers. A few of my personal favourites are: 

From Australia: Sodashi, Rohr Remedy, Willowtree

From the UK: Three Organics, Honest Skincare

  • Buy quality. Stop and think about whether that person is actually going to get some longevity out of the present. Fewer presents of higher quality are is always better than many presents that don’t see it through to the end of the Christmas festivities. 

Christmas idea: Bathroom products. You don’t have to have a disposable bathroom. Consider organic cotton or bamboo face cloths or towels as an option. These are kinder to the environment and negate the need for disposable wet wipes. You can find absolutely gorgeous designs. Even within the realm of skincare, you are better advised to buy quality products- you are paying a little more for effectiveness, durability and luxuryThat is what entices people to hold onto gifts and remember the thoughtful present giver.