Natural Skincare and Me

Before embarking on the adventure that is ATURA, not many people would have known about my interest in skincare. Growing up, I would alter my skincare routine around the products I would receive as gifts. I was useless! I rarely washed my makeup off at the end of a night. Deodorant came in an aerosol can. Acne treatments would be so powerful they'd bleach the bathroom towels.

During University, I was drawn to a new wave of awareness around healthy eating and lifestyle. A firm believer in maintaining a diet of non-processed food, I naturally found myself searching for organic options more and more. With a background in environmental sciences, organic didn’t just mean that I felt better for eating it, I also valued knowing it had a less damaging effect on the environment.

By the time I realised that this path could influence all aspects of my life, I was back in Perth, Western Australia, for a cousins wedding. Using it as the perfect excuse for a little pampering, I booked into the only organic day spa I could find at the time. I remember it having such a profound effect on my skin. I was hooked.

Inspired by the results of the natural products, I started to investigate the different ingredients used in skincare. What I found shocked me. Some commonly used ingredients you just don’t want on your skin. Natural products are powerfully effective and completely negate the need to add unnecessary synthetic ingredients.

Fast forward a few years: Residing in the UK, I noticed that my interest in natural skincare is a shared one. 

ATURA is a big step. My team and I have tried, tested and researched. We believe we are bringing you the very best in natural skincare and we can’t wait to grow. We are still learning and love to have engagement with our customers. So please get in touch if you have any questions

Lots of love,