New Year Promises

To begin 2017 with some enthusiasm and inspiration, I would like to share with you my personal resolutions. 

  1. Minimise that which does not offer value to my life. This includes material goods, toxic connections, junk food and bad habits.
  2. Reduce waste. This means putting more effort into finding ways in which my purchases do not include excess packaging. Aim for a zero waste household!
  3. Be aware of the ethical implications when consuming. Everything you buy has a history- is it’s journey to my home impacting the environment and society in positive ways? If not, perhaps leave it out. My next step with this one is ethical fashion.
  4. Interact with nature more. I always feel better when I am in the natural environment. It helps to ground me and reaffirms that I need to do what I can to help conservation efforts.
  5. Contribute with confidence. This is a big one for me. I (mostly) shy away from spreading the ethical consumer message as it often makes for awkward situations and shuts down conversations when people feel as though you are judging them. Instead, I have found that if you are a happy person that is confident in your decisions and these decisions are being made with purely good intentions, people will start to be drawn to you. It is no good being pushy, but being enthusiastic and encouraging can lead to positive discussions. I want to expand this to contributing on a wider platform (along with this blog) and making impacts within the local community. Watch this space!