Spring Skin

The Spring Series I

What a joyful time of the year watching nature come to life! It is also important to breathe life into your skincare routine. The harsh dryness of winter means skin has lost much needed moisture to keep it looking young and supple. Get that glow back by repairing damaged skin and giving dry eyes and lips some love. Perhaps even add a little colour to your winter skin!

Spring blossom

Moisture: Now that it’s Spring, switch to a moisturiser that is lighter than the one you were using throughout Winter. It is good to include an oil in your routine as this will penetrate the skin easily and enhance the effects of a moisturiser. Whether they are incorporated into the moisturiser cream or lotion already, like Byron Bay Skincare’s Replenishing Cream, or they are in a serum like Black Chicken Remedy’s Love Your Face Serum, oils will help reduce wrinkles and sun damage.

Eyes and lips: These are the most delicate of your facial features yet they receive a lot more strain and impact than any other part. Not only are they constantly moving throughout your day, they are dressed up with makeup, pulled and rubbed with subconscious behaviour and dried out from air conditioning and the colder seasons. Being the focal features of the face, it gets noticed when eyes are looking tired, when bags and wrinkles start appearing and when lips are dry and chapped. Spring is certainly the time to pay attention to these areas-. Make sure lips are well hydrated with a good balm like Rohr Remedy’s Gumbi Gumbi Lip Balm. Keep eyes looking youthful and alert with a hyaluronic night cream such as Willow Tree Skincare’s.

Get that glow back: You will want to make sure that moisture is locked in and damaged cells are being repaired. Try a face mask like Willow Tree Skincare’s Hydrate Mask which has ingredients like pink clay to help draw out impurities, or the Byron Bay Skincare’s Mask which includes ground lychee shells for a gentle exfoliation. Spring is certainly the time to begin getting back some of that sunny glow. This can prove difficult in a sunshine deprived country (plus, you don’t want to put yourself at risk of UV damage). At this early stage of the year, fake tan can often look a bit much, so it is important to begin lightly and build it up to a natural level. Eco by Sonya’s Face Tan Water provides a gradual and appropriate amount of colour for any skin tone. 

If you’re after a bit of Spring time pampering, consider the ATURA Indulgence Box. It addresses all of these facial skincare concerns and comes gift wrapped for your own luxurious treat!