Summer Skin

Beach time

The Summer Series II

Summer is in full swing and we are well and truly into holiday zone! If you are heading off to the coast, or maybe even enjoying a stay-cation, nourished, hydrated skin is what we all desire. After all, there is likely to be more of us on display and we want to be looking and feeling fresh and rejuvenated!

First things first. Invest in a natural deodorant to last you through the summer weather and outdoor activities. The Black Chicken Remedies’ Axilla Deodorant Paste is a natural deodorant that is super effective! You only have to do a little internet research to discover how widely it is praised. A natural deodorant will exclude aluminium which is the main sweat-blocking ingredient in many anti-perspirants. Blocking the sweat glands is not actually a great thing to do. The body eliminates waste by sweating, so we don’t really want to inhibit this natural function. Instead, kaolin, bi-carb and arrowroot combine to reduce wetness and neutralise odour. There are a bunch of essential oils in the formula too, like peppermint, clove and mandarin which make for a much more pleasant scent than stinky underarms!

Get beach ready with a scrub and moisturiser. With Magnesium Sulfate, a potent detoxifier and pain reliever, the Caim and Able scrub is also great at exfoliating the skin. Rub all over and let it absorb while you take a moment to relax. Then, once washed off, top up your fresh, rejuvenated skin with a moisture boost. The Willow Tree Skincare Organic Whipped Body Butter is infused with essential oils like lavender, frankincense and rosemary. Great for healing, renewing and relaxing!

If you haven’t already included a serum to your skincare routine, now is a good time! For added protection from pollution and helping to restore and rebalance the skin, use a serum between your cleanser and moisturiser. The Byron Bay Skincare Serum with Vitamin C will boost collagen production and make your summer skin look bright as ever!

If you’re after a bit of Summer time pampering, consider the ATURA Indulgence Box. It addresses all of these skincare concerns and comes gift wrapped for your own luxurious treat!