The ATURA Difference

ATURA is the place to discover a world of amazing skincare. We want you to explore this world with us. It is an exciting time for everyone to make small but positive changes. Our aim is to contribute by promoting environmentally conscious brands that outperform in their skincare ability.

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ATURA takes the hard work out of ethical consumerism. Research indicates that the popularity of ‘green’ products has risen in recent years, yet consumers are having difficulty accessing items that are environmentally friendly. When they do, they are distracted by big companies trying to tap into the market with buzz words and green-washing. In order to overcome this, we vet our products through research, trial (purchasing and trying the products ourselves) and curiosity (seeking more in depth information than what brands present on the internet).

In order to get ATURA’s seal of approval, brands will have to abide by the ATURA criteria: 

  1. Ingredients with integrity. Knowledge of the ingredients to stay away from when it comes to your health and the environment. Read more here
  2. Responsible treatment of humans. In all aspects of the workforce, human rights need to be upheld and fair trade must be carried out.
  3. No exploitation of animals. Wild or domestic- no animal suffers. We only promote cruelty free and will always indicate whether a product is vegan certified.
  4. Natural resources are to be conserved, protected and rehabilitated wherever possible. Brands are to promote harmony with nature. Any environmental certifications will be promoted.
  5. Minimising waste. Excess is no longer fashionable. We will encourage the 6 R’s (yep- it's grown from 3 R's!) from brands and consumers alike: rethink, refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and repair.
  6. Support for their community. Whether this be through local suppliers, charitable donations, or evidence of general positive interaction with like-minded people. We want to grow together. 

Once the team at ATURA is satisfied that the brand has communicated to us that they comply, we will happily endorse them through our blog and provide you an option to purchase their goods.

Why a shop and not just a blog?

ATURA is also about delivering a gift to you. Your desire to be more conscious in your purchases has led you to our site. We want to be able to show you our appreciation of your interest. You can access brands that you may not be able to on any other site and you can be assured that you will be getting our premium picks. The blog will cover all additional information you could need on the products we offer. 


We will be very transparent in our blog content. You will know that we are promoting products and brands that we truly believe in. The proof is that we are happily stocking them within the ATURA shop. We take our selection process very seriously and only the brands we believe in get through.

Want more?

We will respond to collective voices on which products to look into, which brands are doing the right thing and what you would love to get your hands on. Perhaps you have seen a brand on your travels that may not yet be available to the UK market. Or you are a small brand yourself that could do with a little more love. We want to know! In the meantime, you can follow us on social media for more instant feedback.

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