Why Small Batch Beauty's Best

Introduction to Small Batch Beauty

ATURA loves small batch skincare and it’s time to really celebrate these independent companies from around the world who put their heart and soul into creating amazing products.

What does Small Batch mean?

The definition of small batch skincare and cosmetics can almost be deduced by it’s name. Products are made in smaller amounts- often hand crafted in kitchens, packed one at a time and sold in small doses so that quality assurance is high. The whole process is stripped back with many brands making and selling under the one roof. Unlike so many commercial companies, who focus on trying to persuade you to want their product through powerful advertising, small batch companies let their quality do the talking. 

Reasons to buy small batch skincare and cosmetics:

1. Fresher. Small batch companies don’t have the room to store copious amounts of ingredients so will often opt for fresh ingredients and natural preservatives. This means strict use by dates and a short length of time between production and sale. Fresh goes hand in hand with luxury and effectiveness. Commercial brands store ingredients in large quantities and include preservatives (like parabens and petrochemicals) to keep them ‘usable’ for longer. It sacrifices purity for longevity so that they can be assured the sale.

2. Conscious of humanitarian and eco issues. The ethos of many small batch companies is to minimise impacts on the environment and to maintain high ethical standards. This seems to be a starting point for a lot of brands who were looking for ‘non-toxic’ alternatives to the mainstream skincare. Brands who value the more natural approach often also have a desire to be more sustainable in their packaging, sourcing and production. For example, Willow Tree Skincare,  inspired by the beauty in nature around them, began creating products with natural ingredients. They carry out their values through eco-friendly packaging, sourcing sustainable oils and strictly no animal testing.

3. Variety. For me, the most exciting part is the variety. There are so many small batch brands waiting to be discovered and they are all using skin nourishing ingredients in different ways. It is truly a delight to find a new small batch brand harnessing the properties of a unique mixture of cruelty free, non-toxic ingredients. Etsy and Instagram are great places to find mini brands with niche products.

4. Specific skin requirements. A lot of small batch companies came about through the need for a product to address a particular skin requirement. Living Naturally, for example, have been developing products from Soapnuts to combat eczema. Commercial products often contain ingredients that make certain skin conditions worse. There are so many natural ingredients that can be mixed and formulated in varying amounts that a seemingly infinite variety of products can be created. 

5. Keeping it local. Have you discovered your local small batch skincare artisan yet? I guarantee there is a small business, or even just a single person near you creating something unique. It was a pleasure to discover some of Birmingham’s skincare brands. So far I have discovered Honest Skincare, Three Organics and V Simplicity with so many more just outside of Birmingham too. Supporting local business keeps the £ within the community, where you can see the benefits directly. It also creates local jobs, aids infrastructure upkeep and is more environmentally sustainable.

6. Keeping it personal. In the age of the internet, it is easy to forget that human interaction is important for our mental health and quality of life. There is no personal touch when you buy from big commercial companies because they don’t need to care as much about you as a unique and individual customer. Small batch companies add that quality of humanity to each product, will be there to interact with you and will know intimately what has brought their product to life and how it will benefit you.

Hopefully this gives you a little glimpse into the benefits of small batch skin care and why ATURA loves them so. Whilst discovering and sharing with you through the blog and the (soon to come) shop, ATURA will keep spreading the passion of these brands.

Please note that you will still need to do your research on artisan skincare formulations. Most will be doing the right thing: making sure their formulas are compliant with EU regulations, completing safety tests and ensuring that their products are legally allowed to be sold on the EU market. However, there are some out there who will try to cut corners. The ingredients in skincare can be very harmful to your health and it is always best to make sure that the small batch brand is following the rules!