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More About the Brand.

The Founder:

Caim & Able started as an answer to founder, Michelle Matthewman's chronic pain, and has grown to become so much more. With her qualifications in Natural Therapy, Michelle began to look for alternatives to the constant pain killers. She stumbled upon the pain reducing effects of magnesium baths and began developing the range which became Caim and Able.

At this stage, Michelle was made aware of the Australian Government's withdrawal of funding from independent women's shelters. In response, she decided to help. The range was launched from this desire to make a positive change to the lives of others. The company's commitment to help raise funds to keep women's shelters open and by purchasing  Caim & Able products, you are doing more than getting a gorgeous product. You are also supporting women and children fleeing domestic violence.

The Name:

Caim - an invisible circle of protection, drawn around the body to remind you that you are safe and loved, even in the darkest of times.

Able - the products are packaged in Australia by people living with a disability.

The Range:

All products are of premium quality that not only leave your skin feeling sublime but provide vital nutrition to your body through your skin.

Magnesium deficiency contributes to a host of ailments such as insomnia, heart disease, diabetes and it has even been linked to signs of ageing.

Oral supplements are not as effective, with up to 90% of magnesium taken orally being excreted. Science is proving that the best way to get a really good boost is with a particular form of magnesium (chloride) through the skin - so simply scrub, soak and spray your way to better health.

Caim & Able is a 100% Plant and Mineral Based Skincare company with strong principles on contributing to their community whilst minimising harsh chemicals into ourselves and into the environment.  

Free From:

Parabens,  Sodium Laurel Sulfate, Artificial Colorants/Dyes,  Unnatural Preservatives, Fillers, Ingredients derived from animals, Animal testing, Mineral Oils, Petroleum

Environmental waste is reduced by using fully recyclable jars and bottles where possible.