Greenfibres Logo

Greenfibres is a UK textiles brand that lives by three principles:

To Reduce The Amount of Chemicals Produced and Used
Greenfibres’ organic textiles undergo minimal treatment and processing. Acknowledging the thousands of chemicals used in conventional textile production & finishing processes, they knew there was an alternative way which didn't produce the same devastating effects on habitats, rivers, soil and people. They use only organic materials to produce their lovely range of textiles.

To Increase the Level of Welfare for All Involved
This starts with the farmer and the cotton picker working in a safe environment, getting paid a fair wage, and continues with the textile worker assembling garments in good working conditions for decent pay. It also includes the animals who supply the raw materials for the products. Finally, choosing an organic alternative gives you the satisfaction and peace of mind that the textiles are healthy for your skin and have been made with genuine care and consideration.

To Promote Organic Agriculture
Greenfibres believe growing crops and raising livestock in accordance with natural principles is one of the key ways we can make our collective actions more sustainable, and reduce our carbon footprints.

  • Greenfibres is certified organic by the Soil Association UK. Visit their website to find out more here.