The products that are offered through Atura are preferentially selected from small batch suppliers around the world. Small batch brands lovingly create optimum amounts of product at any one time so that each item has premium quality control. This means your purchase is not only superior, but exclusively yours.


As a valued customer, it is important to us that you receive an extraordinary experience. From product selection to packaging to delivery, we aim to captivate your senses. You deserve some luxury.


Atura values honesty and transparency. From the carefully selected ingredients to the way that we do business, Atura will keep you informed. We will always strive to gather all the information we can from the companies we deal with in order to uphold our promise to seek natural and ethical alternatives for your daily life.


At the heart of Atura, our core value is being conscious of the impact we have upon the environment and other people. Products featured through Atura utilise natural processes and never take advantage. We regard premium products to be the ones that harmonise with the natural world.

ATURA's Criteria

In order to get ATURA’s seal of approval, brands will have to abide by the ATURA criteria: 

  1. Ingredients with integrity. Knowledge of the ingredients to stay away from when it comes to your health and the environment. Read more here
  2. Responsible treatment of humans. In all aspects of the workforce, human rights need to be upheld and fair trade must be carried out.
  3. No exploitation of animals. Wild or domestic- no animal suffers. We only promote cruelty free and will always indicate whether a product is vegan certified.
  4. Natural resources are to be conserved, protected and rehabilitated wherever possible. Brands are to promote harmony with nature. Any environmental certifications will be promoted.
  5. Minimising waste. Excess is no longer fashionable. We will encourage the 6 R’s (yep- it's grown from 3 R's!) from brands and consumers alike: rethink, refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and repair.
  6. Support for their community. Whether this be through local suppliers, charitable donations, or evidence of general positive interaction with like-minded people. We want to grow together.