Caim & Able Protect Magnesium Spray

Caim & Able Protect Magnesium Spray


Applied topically, the oil can be used all over the body or into targeted area to relieve pain and cramps.


With the added benefits of protective Lavender and Rosemary Essential Oils, this spray is light and uplifting. The magnesium component can help with:

  • alleviating aches, pains, inflammation and muscle soreness related to injuries and arthritis
  • increasing energy levels
  • boosting strength and endurance
  • relieving arthritis and joint pain
  • easing headaches and migraines
  • alleviating anxiety

How To Use:

Spray the oil liberally over the body and rub in well. Avoid contact with eyes and other sensitive areas. 8 sprays will deliver approx. 100mg of elemental magnesium on the skin. For relief of sore muscles or strains apply directly to that part of the body. Magnesium Oil may be left on the skin or rinsed or wiped off after 20 minutes.

You may experience a tingling or itching sensation where applied. After several uses the skin desensitises and the tingling sensation should cease.


Magnesium Oil, Essential Oil of Rosemary and Lavender

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