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I’m one of the many Australians living in England. I love it here, even with the short lived summers and much too cold winters. But I do miss many elements of home!

My childhood was spent in the beautiful Jarrah forest of the South West of Western Australia (seen in the image). Growing up in such stunning scenery cemented my appreciation for all things natural. My family and I moved to the seaside when I was a teenager which was equally special- being able to jump into a clean ocean straight after school was the best!

After travelling the world in my 20's, I knew that when the time came to stop moving, I would want to share my passion for nature.

My love of skincare came about when I visited an organic spa in Perth in 2012. It transformed my skin! I was the type that didn't quite believe that cleansing, toning, moisturising etc. was all that important as commercial products had never really proven effective. When I started looking into the benefits that natural ingredients can provide, I was converted for good! 

My natural skincare obsession has developed through wanting to become a more conscious consumer and really appreciate the origins of the products I use every day.

If you want to know a little more about me, please read my post here.

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I get pretty restless if I haven't been on a surfboard or a snowboard for a while, so when I'm not at home in Birmingham, you will probably find me on a Cornish beach or a French slope. 

As my passions are based around the outdoors, I have come to appreciate the natural world and can only hope to gain a better understanding of how we can benefit from nature without destroying it.